I’m Jenni

It’s me Jenni – the gal behind Bombenni ♡

Firstly, can I just say how deadly it is to have you here. Thank you so so much for popping by – please jump right in, get comfy, enjoy a brew and have a good look around our Bombenni haven.


I’m currently based in Dublin with my wonderful husband Bren and our two insanely gorgeous cats – Alfie & Luna. I’m a huge music fan and following 8 years of working in the music events industry, I decided to spread my creative wings and focus on another true love of mine – weddings & styling.

I’m so excited to share with you our wedding services from our Bombenni styling touches to our Bombenni Blooms. Buckle yourself in as I’ll also be diving deep into the latest wedding trends, tips and tools to help your day be everything you’ve ever dreamed of & more.

I simply believe every couple’s big day should be done their way and reflect their very own magical personalities. If sticking to traditional weddings is your thing – that’s no problemo! If traditional weddings ain’t your bag – be assured, that too is quite alright! We love nothing more than getting creative, thinking outside the box and coming up with big, bright & bold alternative ideas. So no matter the occasion, the vision or the dream – please know that we’ve got you boo! ♡

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. If you have any questions or if you would like some advice/guidance or perhaps you just fancy chatting about cats or when Adele’s next album may drop  – I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch at anytime.

For The Record: Love is Love! With a huge heart and open arms, Bombenni proudly welcomes all couples regardless of gender, race, sexuality, beliefs or background.

Some fun Facts about me:

  • One day, I’ll absolutely own a little cottage with a bright pink door.
  • Adele, yes the actual Adele waved at me & my bestie when we were at her concert at the 3Arena. Now some may say she was just waving out to the crowd, but no no – we firmly believe she was waving and looking directly at us. I’m sure my bestie Louise would happily vouch for this!
  • I make a pretty mean banooffe – so good, that I am pretty sure Paul Hollywood would go in for the aul handshake!
  • I have a T-Rex costume that I was gifted as a pre-wedding present from my old work pals. I ran around a busy Dublin park at lunch hour with my pals the moment I got it! A definite contender for the best gift I’ve ever received.

Some things I Adore:

Family & Friends Music Spotify Playlists Pink doors Pink Cottages Cats Rainbows Concerts Ginger Beers Ice pops Portugal Sicily Comedy 
Wooly Hats ♡ White Chocolate Magnums Butlers White Hot Chocolates Just Anthing White Chocolate Really Alpacas Manchester Sunny Days Flowers 
Rain Storms ♡ Snow ♡ Swimming Pools Forests Candles Fairy Lights Neon Signs Glitter & Sparkles Silver Boots Bright Lights Laughing until I cry
Street Parties ♡ Stationary Photographs Hand Written Notes Bubblegum Ice-Cream Pizza Craft Beers Baking Painted Nails  Adventures With My Nieces 

You Ready?

Let’s Get To It!