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We were contacted recently by one of our lovely followers who is in full wedding planning mode, she wondered how her & her wife-to-be could incorporate pride colours into their forthcoming wedding weekender. I started pulling some ideas together which I’m going to share some of today. We are going to break some ideas up into sections, so stick on the kettle, grab a bickie (or 3!) & enjoy the read!


Let’s talk about your I Do blooms. If you will be carrying wedding bouquets up to the aisle on your day, you will have ample room to play with gorgeous colours and textures here. We just can’t get enough of colour, so for an additional colour explosion you could add a rainbow of trailing ribbons to your bouquet. If you plan on having a simple bouquet or perhaps an all foliage bouquet – then add the colourful ribbons around the handle of your bunch. Buttonholes for suits is another opportunity to add a burst of colour – think coloured roses, orchids, daisies, greenery, thistle – oh, the options really are endless for whatever your heart desires!


How about adding some colour with your accessories? We love seeing a colourful sock paired with a wedding suit, they are fun and always look great in wedding snaps too! Veil trends are also slightly shifting. If you don’t fancy sticking to a plain veil, well that’s quite alright! You could add a sprinkle of coloured sequin or a coloured ombre effect to your veil masterpiece instead.

All heroes wear capes! Have we mentioned that we cannot get enough of capes!? just like the veils – you could pair your wedding rig out with a coloured cape or dazzle your guests with sequins. As the night goes on, some couples reach out for their denim or leather jacket. You could go for this option and get a bad ass coloured embroidery piece on the back or whip out a colourful sequin or tassled bomber jacket instead. These will keep you warm, look amazing and you could use them over & over again. Think of all the future festival seasons & pride parades! Another option is bright and beautiful head crowns which can be created using flowers or big pom poms, so dreamy!


If you’re planning on having a cool backdrop for your wedding ceremony, this is the perfect opportunity to play with colours. Again, you could use coloured poms or hanging ribbons on chair backs, hang coloured ribbons from ceiling or lighting fittings (if it is safe to do so). If you are on a budget, you could make a curtain of coloured paper chains, might sound crazy but trust us, the end result is pretty damn cool! Add some colour by pumping up some giant balloons in various colours, if there is spare helium lying around, you could always have a sing song or two! 😉

So your ceremony is almost over and you are officially married – waheeey! At this moment, some couples are greeted by a confetti shower from their guests as they walk back down the aisle into their new married life & this is always such a giggle. Confetti would absolutely work here as it can be done in every colour under the moon. Another option that you could go for would be to have a basket of mini pride flags that your guests would wave high in the sky as you make your way down the aisle.

Cheers to us! Usually after the ceremony is complete, it may be time for some couple photos. After the photos, you will regroup with your lovely guests at the drinks reception and enjoy a good aul celebratory tipple. Why not get some colourful personalised glasses for your first bubbly toast as newlyweds!


I don’t know about you, but team Bombenni definitely have sweettooths! Who doesn’t love sweet thangs?! If you are doing favours for your wedding guests, you could surprise your guests with rainbow smartie tubes – if you’re not into smarties, you could use M&M’s, Starbursts – any coloured sweets instead. We adore Macarons and could look (and eat) them all day! If you are having a drinks reception, a little tower of these in a variety of colours would look so amazing and taste as good as the look, obviously! Again, if Macarons don’t float your boat, you could use cupcakes or doughnuts as an alternative.

We love wedding cakes with a twist and love the idea of having a plain vanilla frosting cake but when you cut that bad boy open, it will reveal a beautiful array of rainbow layers. When the cake is on the display stand, it could be decorated with greenery and flowers if you wish. We especially love this option, if you will be cutting your cake in front of your guests. Give your photographer the heads up in advance so they can soak up the reactions through the lens as everyone will no doubt love the rainbow reveal.

Speaking of photographers, we have mentioned in previous posts before that we are big fans of smoke bombs. You could do some research, pick a a variety of colours, strike your best poses and create the most magical wedding shots with your photographer and the love of your life! Remember – when it comes to planning your wedding, there are no rules to follow. It’s your day, so do things your way & enjoy every single moment.

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