Not Gonna Rain On Our Parade

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Quick question – does anyone remember what a dry, warm-ish day feels like…?! hmmm, me neither! This brings me nicely onto today’s topic – the wedding weather fear! 🌧

My wedding was in October 2019 and I remember oh so well that as the wedding was approaching, I started to fret about what the weather would have in store for us on the day itself.

Weather, as you know is one thing that we unfortunately cannot control and it can be oh so unpredicatable at times. However, what we can do in advance is keep an eye on the forecast and make sure you have handy bits & bobs in place. If it looks like there is gonna be rain – pack along some extra brollies. If it looks like a scorcher is ahead – happy days, but it might be an idea to stock up on some sunscreen for you and your guests. I don’t think you’ll want an album of burnt lobsters to look back on further down the line.😂

On our wedding day it rained all day and to be honest, it didn’t effect our day whatsoever. What it did do though, was make for some pretty damn good pictures. We have such amazing pictures of my husband & I with our wedding party all hunched under umbrellas, laughing our heads off! We found, the rain also made the surroundings & setting of our venue pop even more. I remember at one point saying to our photographer, ”will we ditch the brollies for a moment?” – the reason I said this was because we had no control of the elements and we didn’t want it to effect anything, so rather than running from the rain – we just went for it & embraced it! Thankfully, we got married in a country house so I had instant access afterwards to a hair dryer and straightener to shall we say, de-fuzz my head a little!

Bombenni wedding in the rain

When planning a wedding, there is soooo much to do and to organise and with that of course comes a few pre-wedding heebie jeebies. What I would say to future couples, is please please please don’t stress about weather (ahem!) there will be rain on your wedding day. Whatever will be, will be and it won’t rain on your parade! (That’s the last of the weather puns, I promise!) 😉

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